What I get

I’d like to share with you what I’m getting out of this because I think it’s important that we establish one fact and the fact is we are all equal. I’m no better than you and vice verse. However we surly think different but it doesn’t mean that together we can’t understand or at least agree to disagree.

The more I see you reading or commenting on something it makes me think a little harder and it encourages me to keep going. I appreciate each and every reader or fellow blogger that visits my site, I also thank anyone who has referred my page or mentioned me to someone they know.

I put a lot of work into stating the facts and my opinion but I feel in order to connect, I must be able to reach everyone. I could ramble about the news or talk sports but that’s not all life has to offer, so I preach understanding and self respect because the love for self transfers into love for others.

My faith in the lord, my confidence to succeed, my will to get up, my power to make things happen and my strength to let no man stop me from getting where I have to go.

My want for knowledge, my acknowledgement of the truth and my desire to love is the only reason I tell things that I want the whole world to know.

My attempt to motivate, my struggles in life and the reasons why I choose to stand here and fight.

My God, my time and my turn so I’ll give it my all with all my might.


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