Why do I seek love from the meek or strength from the weak when all I want is to give love and not feel beat.

Why am I torn from affection lost without protection feeling like it’s all for nothing so I constantly put myself in segregation.

Why is it that my heart seems so cold and my body feels so old or is it just me and am I attempting to put my emotions on hold.

Why do I continue to feel alone cutting off ties not answering the phone and feeling like I’m in a glass house but still throwing stones.

Could it be my desire to fight has changed am I mixing my thoughts or looking for others to blame maybe I’m thinking to much and this is all just a game.

Could it be that life isn’t the same am I tired of people calling my name, is it really the same ole same I really don’t know and I think that’s a shame.

Am I broken is the question and if so what went wrong, I changed my tune no more singing the sad song but something isn’t right and that fact is known.

My have I grown and with the growth my heart is exposed but I can’t shake this feeling and what bothers me is the unknown.

Am I broken? Do I have words left unspoken? Will I ever know the answer or do I already have them and But haven’t spoken.

I know I’m in a fierce battle but it feels like I’m losing. If I can stand and be a man the war I can win, but in the midst of it I see that I’m losing all my family and friends. 
Trying to bend and not break has me feeling real fake, I know what’s at stake but how much shit can one take. 

I’m lost in a daze wondering through life’s maze and trying to figure out how not to go silent and retreat to my cave. 

I’m broken but never defeated, running on autopilot and ideas are all but depleted. Still I stand so let me repeat it I’m broken but never defeated, I’m a resilient man and I will remain undefeated. 


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