My Take On It

Whenever I get into my take on things, I always like to state facts first. I will always give some facts because I want you to know how I get and got to my take on it 

My take on what you might ask? Well my social friends let me tell you. It’s a variety of issues both socially and economically, hell by the end of this blog it might be physically and mentally also a bit emotional for those who might not understand where I’m coming from. Remember this though; “my blog my opinion”

Now when I hear and watch things, my mind goes Bazerk. I’m always looking at things from both aspects and trying to rationalize why “we” overthink and exaggerate everything……  From the labels we whore for to the national anthem, I’m going there. From the ghetto to the White House and being resurrected from the dead, I’m going there. You get the point, now bare with me as I get to mine. 

Black folks, African American, Colored, Negros and Niggas or whatever you claim to be. We have destroyed our struggle, desecrated our ancestors and shamed our race. Fact: As slaves we bonded together and rose as one, we sung, we prayed and we survived together. People like Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Malcome X , Martin Luther King Jr.  and Rosa Parks just to name a few. These were people the without a doubt brought change. They fought for things we don’t, they stood for something greater than themselves. My take: from then to now only thing that has changed is us… We no longer look out for each other, we stopped celebrating family and started beefing amongst each other. Tupac said “who knows what tomorrow will bring in a world where everyone’s blind”. Now look at us; we’re blinded by the distractions of social media and non-educational television. It’s the reality shows that really piss me off because it just shows that even with money,”niggas gone be niggas”.  We are so blinded by the culture that we don’t see the big picture.  

Fact: African Americans make up 12.3% of the population in the United States, meanwhile a whopping 37% of blacks make up the prison population. My take: Although we do our fair share of dumb shit, all punishments don’t fit the crime. Fact: there are Black men in prison for life because they chose to sell drugs as a means to an end meanwhile a white man walks into a church, kills unarmed people and is arrested without incident and taken to Burger King before going to jail. Fact: white man walks into a movie theater and starts shooting movie goers and is arrested without incident and declared insane meanwhile an unarmed black man is shot and killed by police for basically standing outside a store trying to sell some CDs. My take: black men are feared and because of that fear we are being hunted like animals in the wild, shot down in cold blood and profiled by racist. We do not make things easier for ourselves by committing all these acts of genocide. We are so hell bent and determined to hate on each other that we don’t realize, it’s what they want us to do because if we don’t care about us why should they. 

My take: Donald Trump is an idiot and Hillary Clinton may not be ready, but these are the choices we have for President. I feel as though since a Black man was elected to office they feel anyone can be President. Fact: no matter who sits in the Oval Office congress still runs the country. There are 318.9 million people in this country but only 146,311,000 registered voters and only 48.9% of those people voted for congress, yet you get mad at the President because you feel he’s not working for you. The way to get promises kept is to have congress on your side and Barack Obama hasn’t had that. He has been scrutinized more than any other President not getting impeached. My take: Chris Rock said “the difference between Blacks and Whites is that the Black man has to fly to get what the White man walks to.”

My take: America is on the fast track to becoming a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. The shit we condone is atrocious and the standards we hold each other too is meek at best. You say “I got your back” but first chance you get your the first one with the knife that’s stabbing me in mine. You say “I’m so proud and happy for you” but on the inside you feeling like “fuck that nigga I hope he fails.” Black America sets the trends and White America gets paid off of it. Growing up in my generation being Homosexual was a way of life but today it’s a trend. By the way, the Homosexual movement has no comparison to the days of slavery. Yes there has been some racially charged events but nothing like slavery.

My take: The world has become so metrosexual that it’s hard to even distinguish the boys from the girls and the women from the men. They took religion out of the schools and suddenly crime in school skyrocketed until now the kids are killing themselves and each other on the regular basis. Everywhere you look people are always on the phone, we have become so disengaged by technology that we really text more than talk and the only social skills we have exist on Facebook or Twitter. Haven’t seen me in awhile? Just hit me up on Instagram or Snapchat no need to come thru.the headlines will read “Get a smartphone and you’ll never have to interact again” or maybe that’s just my take on it.

 I could get closer to God and have my identity robbed on a smartphone. 
I could apply for a job or insight a mob on a smartphone. 
I could see your face or pick out a nice place on a smartphone. 
I could find the love of my life or something just for the night on a smartphone. 
I can post my first born or watch some free porn on a smartphone. 
I could pick my flight or start a big fight on a smartphone. 
I can deposit my checks or figure out where I’m headed next on a smartphone. 
My final take: Until we open our eyes and begin to really pay attention to what’s going on, we will continue to be lost. Until we decide to understand life on the other side, we will always be divided. Until you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “what can I fix about me”, we will always be judgemental of the choices someone else had made. Until we spew more love and less hatred towards ourselves, we will always be alone emotionally. Until we learn how to fight with words, there will always be senseless acts of violence. Until we start molding our youth and being present instead of just around, we will always have a new generation of spiteful and disrespectful children. 

We search for role models and people to look up to not realizing that, they are just people too. “Stop looking for people to follow and start leading.” Stop looking for the next trend and become the trending topic. Saying these words, I myself and listening and understanding that I haven’t reach my potential because I haven’t jumped off the cliff knowing that God won’t let me fall. I don’t want to be the man who didn’t try. The man who was always scared to help my world a little better and brighter. “Failing others is something that’s bound to happen because you can’t please everyone, but we should never fail ourselves.” We fall we get up. They say no, we find someone that can say yes. Fact: I this life there is no perfection, but the pursuit of it makes us better. God is the only perfectionist and the only one that will never fail us. 


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