The biggest question when it comes to value is, “what’s your worth”? Honestly we all should be able to say “priceless”. Unfortunately we almost always underestimate our worth. We say things like “I’m alright” and “I think I’m good enough”, when in fact you should be great and more than enough. We try to live up to everyone’s standard but our own, we feel like impressing people determines our worth.  Truth is the more people valuing you the more you depreciate because you stop being you and start to become who they want you to be.
Value doesn’t ever come from the money you have, it comes the the character you have built in yourself and displays to there without ever compromising your self-worth. You owe it to yourself to always be worth something to yourself and not to let anyone every depreciate your value. When you begin to question your worth you have lost your value. Life has a way of kicking us so hard that we question our worth based on the material things we have yet to achieve. It smacks us around and distorts our perception of true value and worth and we surrender to it because greed, lust and envy overcomes us. The minute we judge our worth based on what other people have we lose value and our worth just keeps depreciating.
We let our family and friends dictate our relationships and lifestyles, we let our relationships dictate our family and friends and we let our lifestyle dictate everything and everyone around us. Constantly searching for more value in the wrong places, we scroll through social media outlets trying to outdo someone else’s prefabricated lifestyle thinking that we are living a life to be admired when in all actually the people you are trying to impress could really care less whether you are cracked out or fucking president of the United States. The more we pretend our worth is great, the lower our value slumps. Life is real and we live in a fickle world, one day your up and the next your down but when you know your worth up or down your value doesn’t decline.
Your worth is in your character and has nothing to do with money or status. Value is that umph that God gave us to be great in our own right. Value comes from the adversity we face and come out unscathed, it’s from the faith embedded in our hearts that allow us to jump off the cliff and land on our feet because God wouldn’t let us fail or fall. We gain value when we are obedient in our well doing, determined to learn from our mistakes and never giving up on on ourselves.
Every piece of material you gain in this world means nothing because you can’t take it with you, in turn when we put ourselves in a position to be adored by others we owe it to them to shine our light bright so that our memory lives on through the hearts of everyone we were blessed to share our light; “That’s value”.


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