What Does It All Mean

The alarm clock goes off, you press snooze in hopes that the next ten minutes will be the best sleep you’ve gotten all night. It’s not, you’re drowsy and you really wish that you didn’t have to get up. But you do, you head to the bathroom to do the morning ritual, you get dressed maybe you’ll have breakfast and coffee or tea and a bagel. You are really hoping that this will kick start your day, you grab your keys and head for the office.

On the way you may take that time to converse with God asking Him to make this day better than the day before. Then you plan on letting nothing and no one ruin what started out as a good day. You pull up to your job and almost immediately all your hopes and dreams of a good day are squashed. You really don’t want to be there but it’s a means to an end so you take it all in stride.

After about half a day you realize that you are fulling your end of the bargain and you go to lunch, you sit in the break room and start to look at your co workers and say to yourself how did I end up here? You’re here because of whatever choices you made in life, whether good or bad they lead you here.

Lunch is over and you’re back on the job, making more money for your employer than you’ll ever make for yourself, feeling as though there has to be a better way. You might even feel that you are wasting your talent but you still give your all to your current situation as you wait patiently hoping that you don’t miss your opportunity when it arises.

After the day is over you get into your car in anticipation of your night being way better than your day. You go home to unwind and to forget about the day, understanding that in the morning you’ll be right back at it.

Do you look for a pat on the back or acknowledgement for the things you’ve done? Me personally, I just thank The Lord for blessing me with the strength to keep moving. I’m not looking for any earthly rewards because my Father promised me all things in His time.

The question I ask is what does it all mean? The answer I came up with is this, it means we are given a choice in this life and the choices we make shows Him what are worth is in heaven.

So make a choice to be great in whatever you choose, make the decision to be better than yesterday in hopes that tomorrow the sun will shine on you even if it’s raining.


2 thoughts on “What Does It All Mean

  1. You’ve perfectly described my feelings for my last job; I’m hoping this new one I start on Monday will bring greater satisfaction.

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