My Missing Rib

The best thing that ever happened to my life was the day we met. I never wanted to be without you and even though I was a child, you were always my dream. All I wanted to do back then was make you happy and keep you all to myself forever. Then because we were young I let my anger over power love and I watched you fade out of my life. I was hurt when we were no longer boyfriend girlfriend but I loved you enough to just be the best friend you could ever ask because no matter what we were, I just wanted to be in your life. When I was no longer able to see your face I treated myself like shit because I knew you were gone forever. My love for you made me never love again because my one and only someone had came and went.

As days became weeks became months became years, I never forgot about my love I just didn’t know where to find her. I caught glimpses of you but was scared to approach because I thought you had grown without me and wouldn’t share the same feelings as me. I thought of you almost all the time, I talked about you to people who hadn’t ever seen you before. It felt like I was living in the past but it was the only memories that I had of you and I refused to let them go.

All this time that passed I was steadily dying inside because not often do we get the chance to have our missing rib and I had mines and let her get away. I did everything wrong and there isn’t much in my life that I’m proud of, but that changed when I decided to get a Facebook page and found my rib and saw that she was wondering about me too. It felt so good to see you walk into Scorchers I could have died a happy man that second, you were grown and sexy. You looked like sunshine and I had no reasons to live. You gave me the want to live but I was already dead, then you nursed me back to health and made my life worth living.

Now you are my wife and it’s the best feeling in the world. I’m whole, I’m complete and I love you unequivocally. I never want to hurt you, I feel in one way or another we’ve both been hurt to many times to want to hurt each other. I know I have to give you space and time but I need you to know that I didn’t marry you to make a fool out of you, nor to hurt you or have you question my loyalty. I married you to treat you like the queen that you are and to never let you go.


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