The Letter

Dear dad

I’m writing this to let you know I miss you more than ever. It’s been a long time and I think about you daily. They say the best way to remember someone is to keep them close to your heart and speak of them as if they’re still here. Anyone that knows who I am knows who you are and how much you meant to me.

I still have pictures and I look at them as often as I can, yet it doesn’t do justice because I would love to hold your hand. I know you’re watching but sometimes I just want to hear your voice and I often wonder if you’re proud of me and my choice.

It’s been 24 years since I was able to touch you, hug you and tell you about my day. Today is your birthday and in my head I hear you laughing, I see your smile and it brings tears to my eyes.

I’ve done a lot in the last 24 years, some good and some bad but I’m growing and getting better daily. Some of my greatest accomplishments were bitter sweet because I was wishing you’d be apart of them. Even as I felt your spirit I long for your nod of approval.

3 1/2 months ago I married one of Gods angels, you were on the program but as I glanced over the crowd I just wished you were there. My wife has been to visit you and she even had a private conversation with you. I hope you heard every word and I also hope you felt the love she has for your son. As we begin our life we pray that God will strengthen our union and bless us with children so that we may bring them up and share the memories of their grandfather.

I definitely miss you and although I know you are with me in spirit, it doesn’t feel the same without you here. Life goes on and memories fade but your essence never dies, the emotion gets easier to deal with but the what ifs will all exist. It’s been a long time but I know we will meet again and when we do, I will rejoice the day.

Missing you always,


P.S. Rest in peace.


One thought on “The Letter

  1. The Letter certainly pulled my heart strings. Memories are images woven into tapestries. Thank God for the ability to create and hold on to beautiful memories.

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