I was put here to be a leader but I noticed to lead you must learn how to follow. Leading is a tremendous task and along the way, you’ll get passed over, frowned upon, taken for granted and under appreciated but a leader doesn’t care. We lead by example and we share our knowledge so that no one gets left behind. We meticulously plot our course and never do we stray because we know our role and we play the part not once questioning our mission.

If you find leadership to be easy then you’re not leading accordingly, it’s a hard job because there is no recognition for being the chosen. Heaven is your reward and that only comes with death, your purpose in life is to ensure that the ones who follow will receive your leadership and never question your motive.

Not everyone was meant to lead an that doesn’t mean you’re not capable it just means that you have another role in life and maybe that role is to motivate the one you choose to follow. We the chosen to take the role as leader should not use our powers for evil an just because you know people look to you for leadership doesn’t mean you take them for granted.

We the chosen to lead must always hold ourselves at a higher standard and always reach for the stars to ensure the people who follow get a chance to see there is no limit when you keep fighting. If you choose to lead by example you will never have to explain your motive. A leader commands respect and is always ready to step in or step up.

Leading Example Accepting Delegation.
Learning Everyday And Doing. Learning Educating Advising Diligently.


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