Lost & Found

For a long time in my life I was lost. With no one to feel my pain I was holding things in at all cost.

Feeling like the world was on my shoulders I was beat and ready to give up, lost contact with the world around me not being bothered with trying to keep in touch.

Stressed out and worried about it all I had no resolve, the problems kept building and I didn’t handle my business at all.

I was lost in the dark with no light in sight, laying down every weapon I had because I no longer chose to fight.

Knowing what was right but not applying it to my life, killing myself slowly I might as well just got a knife.

This was no way to live I told myself something has got to give, so I dropped to my knees and surrendered screaming God please let me live.

I put it all in His hands and then I began to stand, motivated to do better I started sticking to His plan.

God blessed this man so it was no excuse For my behavior, I started to live again and all the credit goes to my savior.

He showed me the light and gave me the choice to save my soul, I was put here for a reason and I humbly started to except my role.

He is in control and I’m just a mold of His image, I will not fold because of the mistakes it’s just a blemish.

I’ve found my way and to my dismay I was wasting a great gift, that’s why I started to be a better man all the while beginning my uplift.

Now I’m in control no wavering in my directions, no conflicting or addicting contradicting demonstrations.

The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want for anything, I live for my family and God leads my team.

I’m no longer lost I’ve found my way through God’s, mercy, I no longer question my direction because nothing on earth can hurt me.


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