Really Man!!!

You want to be a man but you still play childish games, you want to be the man but you bring nothing with you but pain. What is your aim and your issue do you not want to be a man, or is it that you’re a follower and don’t want to be looked up to or stand. It’s too many of us that have no virtues or value, our stock is plummeting fast and my question is how you?

How do you call yourself a man when you have responsibilities you don’t take care of? How can you be a man when you don’t stand for anything, you live with your parents or off of someone else’s dime and then you want to convince me?

It’s hard to be a man and especially if you’re a good one. People take you for granted and overlook you because you don’t carry that chip on your shoulder. You know the one that makes people feel like you owe them something!!! They spend they’re days mad at the world because they chose to sit rather than stand, walk instead of run or just get by rather than want more.

Men get a bad rap because of the choice many of us made by thinking with our dicks instead of our heart or brains, we get excited because we sometimes get hunted and not have to be the hunter. We see fast living as a way of living and it just keeps us dying, we choose to die for the moment without thinking about living for the memories.

All men are not dogs and temptation is out here but a real man knows his worth. He will pass on every temptation because he respects himself and a real man isn’t tempted often because he doesn’t put himself in those situations on purpose.

As a man myself I would say that good men are most definitely hard to find but you should be careful because, real man have fallen victim to fraudulent relationships and now he’s a sheep in wolves clothing. They are perpetrating because they don’t want to be hurt. Real men have a lot on their shoulders constantly, they want so intensely to do the right thing just can’t decipher how.

To al my female readers I say; “the real man you are searching or praying for, will only reveal himself when you have found yourself in all of its impurities.”

To all the men; “you will get out of it whatever percent of yourself you give to it.”


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