I Should’ve

I should’ve paid more attention but it was a choice.
I should’ve listened to that very first voice.

I could’ve cared a little more but I wasn’t thinking about you.
I should’ve spent a little more time but hey you could’ve too.

I would’ve given my all and put my faith in God.
I would’ve been more patient but at the time that seemed odd.

I should’ve stuck to my plan and made sure that I saw it through.
I could’ve let God pave the way but I thought that I knew.

I should’ve been your rock but wouldn’t even let me be your pillow.
I would’ve been the one but you were acting like you didn’t know.

I should’ve learn the true meaning of love or at least what it meant to be your friend.
I should’ve let you know I was in a bad situation from the begin.

I would’ve bought you a card and flowers but what will that prove.
I should’ve stayed and cuddled with you but I wasn’t felling that grove.

I should’ve, could’ve and would’ve but that was all in the past.
I am, I can and I will because life is going to fast.


5 thoughts on “I Should’ve

  1. This is so true for me, I guess I do spend quite some time thinking about what “I should’ve, could’ve and would’ve” done or said. And the whole thing is written in such an elegant way. Thank you, sir!

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