Have you ever felt disconnected?
Ever felt as if the world was moving to fast?
Do you feel stuck in your ways and even though the world is constantly evolving you don’t feel the need for change?

If you can agree or attest to any of these questions, you may consider yourself “antiquated”. Together we will weigh the pros and cons of this and find out whether it’s a good or bad thing.

First thing is to decide how antiquated you are so I ask, are you capable of turning on a computer? Can you grasp the concept of texting or sending emails? Do you keep up with the latest trends, i.e social media, clothing or music. If you answered no to all of these then you’re not only antiquated, you are also oblivious to the world around you.

With so much technology at our disposal, any question you have is only a search engine away. To find out what’s happening all you have to do is scroll. Just open up your smart phone and you’ll never have to leave your home. You can buy everything online!!!

Some of us are technologically handicap and because of that you are considered left behind, making you socially antiquated by today’s standards of living. This isn’t the dinosaur age, we don’t write on stone nor do we keep records stored in file cabinets anymore. Paperless has become the new way of life and technology is ruining the way we think, learn and do business.

We went from pressing one button on the Atari to not needing a joystick at all. Way back when we listened to music from record players and now we just download. Going from the days of rotary phones to doing all the above right from your cell phone.

One thing that should’ve stayed antiquated is marriage, people used to stick together and work things out. Now, family has no value and it has wrecked homes and destroyed the sanctity of a union that is holy.

Call me antiquated but some things shouldn’t change, like marriage!! In these times marriage is scoffed at. How can you stand before God and witnesses on multiple occasions yet say that you’ve finally found the one. Call me antiquated because I believe in marriage, but I also believe if there is a “one” and I felt as though the woman I married is the “one”, if our marriage fails there won’t be a second. I welcome the challenge of falling in love with the same woman over and over again. Call me antiquated but I’d rather be with one woman knowing we stand together, than to have a few women but not have a place to stand at all.


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