I’m dying inside but no one has even noticed me, I’ve put on a great façade placed my life in God so how could this be.

I’m dying inside and it’s because the world has vexed me, we live in contradicting times and right from wrong has been blurred or am I the only one that sees.

I’m dying inside and I don’t know where to begin the repair, it’s so many things that’s contributing to my death and I’m wondering how did I get there.

I can hardly breathe, I’m on my knees begging God please don’t let me die, then I continue to walk my path waiting and hoping He will reply.

Is it all considered karma and is that the reason that I’m dying inside, or could it be my pride that I haven’t subsided and now I can no longer hide.

I’m dying on the inside and it’s slowly creeping out, I tried to contain it but I’m drained and it makes me want to shout.

I’m dying on the inside and I’m asking myself; how can I fix this? Let go and let God is the answer I keep coming up with.

I don’t want to die I want to live and be a witness, but at the end of this life we all know that death is our sentence.


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