A Social Suicide

To Whom it may concern,

I thought I signed into a social network, it ended up being a public death. It started out fun and interesting, getting to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen or talked to in years. It was good to say hello and converse with a few people I would’ve probably never had a chance to talk to otherwise.

I stayed away from MySpace and I knew that I’d never use twitter or Facebook because I just wasn’t into it. Then I began to see and hear people talking about social media and because I was ignorant to it, I couldn’t join in the conversation. So I became curious, I wanted to know what the fuss was all about, but I was hesitant and I didn’t bite and I stayed away.

After getting the iPhone I was so very tempted but yet never gave in to my desire but I kept being wheeled in by conversation and intrigue. Everyone was signing up and signing in and telling me stories of how they reconnected with friends and even family.

After a lot of back and forth with myself I finally decided to log in. The first few weeks I just posted random statuses, got a few friend request but never excepted any of them. I didn’t look for anyone I just looked around to see what it was all about. The second week I was curious to know who I knew and if they would be on there. So I searched a name that had been on my mind and what do you know she was online. I sent a friend request and she became my first friend, my favorite part of it was that she was my best friend.

Now I was hooked and the social frenzy began. I signed up for twitter and started tweeting, my friends and followers started growing and I was all in for the experience. It was pretty cool to keep up with the times while sharing life lessons and blessings with everyone I befriended through social networking.

Years past and what was once a good experience started turning into a slow death. Enter Instagram, this social outlet is used mainly for pictures and it too was fun because there is no limit to the photos that people share. The internet is now socially based and you can connect or reconnect from a multitude of sources.

The problem is; it’s being misused and people are being mislead, enticed and seduced by social networks. The use to be faithful boyfriend or husband is now the cheating, lying and out right disrespectful guy. The girlfriend or wife thinks there is someone better or because she’s attractive and getting attention from these outlets, she’s no longer happy at home. Everyone is untrusting because of DM’s and instant messaging. Everything is password protected so it seems you have something to hide, it’s a social mess and it’s tearing up the fabric of relationships all over.

You can hardly tell the difference between who’s real and who isn’t, everyone claims to be living the good life, everything is being mimicked or mocked and you don’t know who is genuine. Personal conversation has became a thing of the past, everyone wants to text or email, instant message and chat, but no face to face verbal communication.

Soooo, I’m throwing in the towel and calling this the end, I’ve had enough. I’m tired of scrolling through senseless statuses and ridiculous picture quotes. It’s not all bad but weighing the pros and cons, it’s more negative than positive. I’m sick of all the bashing of both men and women, threw with the notion that a “bad bitch” is something females should be proud to be called. Done with the “my baby daddy ain’t shit” stories.

This is my social eulogy, I’m saying goodbye to social media, it’s become a social nightmare so I’m putting myself out of my social misery. Here lies a socially scorned man, unimpressed by all that social network was built up to be. Saddened by where it has gone and flabbergasted that it is only getting worse. Since I cannot kill social network, I’ve decided to kill all desires to share in the madness. Born April 13, 2009 died February 13, 2014.


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