The Rules

There’s a thin line between love and hate. You can love to hate and you can hate to love. We as people sometimes press our luck and like to live on the edge. We test the waters to see how far we can go, we play with people’s heart and discard them like trash. We dive right in saying how much we love when at the time, we really have no clue of the true meaning of love.

#1. You
In order to love anyone or anything you must first love yourself. Yes we are all flawed and if you’re anything like me, you are your worst critic. No one can critique me harder than I do myself, but that fact makes me look in the mirror and work on me. You’ll find that improving yourself leads to the improvement of your environment. Get to know who you are, what you want and the direction in which you shall travel. These things create possibilities and if you believe that, then you are much more closer to your dreams.

#2. Understand.
Love is a beautiful. One thing I despise is the saying; “love hurts”. That is one of the biggest lies in the world. Love doesn’t hurt, people hurt, trusting that someone who tells you they love you and then show everything but love hurts. Love is working together to accomplish one goal. Love is understanding the bond you’ve created, investing in each other and constantly working towards keeping the love fresh.

#3. Converse.
Conversation is the key. Love is being able to discuss the problem so that a solution can be made. If you can talk about everything, you can get thru anything. If you’re talking to each other, you are most likely sharing information and not keeping secrets. Withholding information leads to separation and the feeling of unity dies fast.

#4. Think
Everything you do should be for the betterment of the relationship. Think we before you decide to do something that will affect your partner. If it feels wrong then it probably is!! There is no I in team and in a relationship, “we” come before all others. Ask yourself how would you feel if what you are doing was being done to you.

#5. Compromise.
You can’t have everything your way, being with someone means you have to consider they’re wants and needs as well as your own. There has to be a equal playing field in order to succeed, no one wants to feel slighted. Make all decisions together and always look at the bigger picture. The choices you make will decide what type of relationship you will have.

#6. Trust
One of the hardest things to gain and also the easiest to loose. You have to have trust or essentially you have nothing. We have held people in the present accountable for the people who hurt us in the past. That is totally unfair, but because they lied to us, we now think everyone’s a liar. If you don’t let go of your past it will haunt your future.

You and me leads to we, together we come to understand the big picture. Understanding the bond you are trying to build starts with conversation, we think we are ready to compromise and act as one. That compromise leads to trust, trust leads to feelings and the feeling you get is a love that is built on a foundation that will not be easily broken.

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