The Meeting

I saw a light come on in a locked room and wondered how could it be, I went and grabbed the handle and it opened up for me. There was an angel standing there but no light switch on the wall, she said I am here for you this is your time to answer the call. She said she would guide me, make me stronger and give me purpose in life, she gave me a bible and told me that the one you asked for will be your wife. She said now that you have the rib you’ve been missing for awhile, go forth and multiply she will bare your child. She said whenever you have a question open your bible to find the answer, you’ll never be alone again so spread your love like cancer. As I turned to say thank you the light suddenly disappeared, so did my worries, my pain and all my fears.

In the darkness I still felt there was a light, so I dropped to my knees and prayer was where I started the fight. As I proceeded to state my case I started by telling on myself, even though he already knew me I needed to say this aloud for my health. I explained the bad I did and the hurt in which I might have caused, then I confessed the good and proclaimed it wasn’t for applause. I know he knows my heart and my intentions without a doubt, I can feel me being saturated in his blood so I began to shout.

Even in the dark he continues to show us the light,but its up to us to have the faith that he will guide us thru the night. He is my life preserver and he promised he would never leave my side, so my promise back is to be better and speak his name with pride. He gives me everything I need and more so I thank him for it all, I’m going to expose my gift to the world so he can see that I’m trying to answer the call.

This was the meeting that I kept brushing off and putting to the side, when all the time this is where I should’ve started my journey on this ride. The great thing about it was whenever I was ready he was going to be there, he was waiting on me to submit to his will see his gift I would share. He knew I was coming it wasn’t my time it was his, now I give him the praise and then go handle my biz. I thank him daily for everything he’s done for me, especially for molding my future in the image he wants it to be.


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