By definition a marriage is a legal relationship between spouses:a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners
specific marriage relationship:a married relationship between two people, or a somebody’s relationship with his or her spouse
joining in wedlock:the joining together in wedlock of two people.

It’s an honor to be married and it should be treated as such. Marriage is the uniting of two souls to become one. Its a vow and a promise between the two of you and God. Marriage should not be taken lightly or for granted, not to be entered unless you intend on upholding the promise until the last breath. It takes a commitment that is bigger than you and its an entitlement to God that you shall honor and obey the choice you made when you said I do.

Once upon a time people use to make it work, I think they understood that marriage was their first job and priority. Now, we’re just in it for all the wrong reasons. We started making divorce an option when it shouldn’t even be a choice. It’s not for the piece of paper, it’s for God, it’s a celebration of two souls connecting on a level that no one penetrates and it’s for life. It works when God is involved and it works when you work for it.

My definition of marriage is forever, period……. It’s confirmation that I do have a soul mates. It’s reassuring to know God is listening and it is awesome to fall in love all over everyday. It’s a job but if you love what you’re doing it doesn’t feel like work. It’s pure bliss knowing that my wife is my friend, my lover and my life.

In the bible it says; “he who findeth a wife has found a good thing”

Think about that before you say that’s the person of my dream.

Choose love over lust or you’ve already failed,

In God you trust and your marriage will prevail.

Compromise and exhale in each and every situation you face,

Understand that you both have a role so yes you do have a place.

You stand together in this no one is bigger than the vow,

You got beef with the other then communication starts now.

Account for your actions and walk tall for what’s being done,

The greatest gift of all is love so you’ve already won.

Keep your marriage to yourselves and give your problems to The Lord,

He will provide if you just subside follow him and get on board.


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