Just because I write it; doesn’t mean I’m living it, the truth about life is, it’s a roller coaster and on that ride you’ll go up and down, round and round. Truly the only thing certain about life is death, so one day you’re here and then you’re gone. Take the middle and try to have some fun, stop letting what you cannot control stress you out and concern yourself with what matters you can. Let go and let God, control what you can and give him the rest. Acknowledge his greatness and he will provide the answer, not only to your pain but your pleasures also.

Don’t think for one second that you can’t have what you want and need, but its going to come with a cost. Whether it is getting up regularly and working for it, or sitting on the couch waiting on it. Funny thing is; we are all programmed with the ability to learn, analyze, choose and asses, but we think different so we act different and that simple choice makes us unique. We are designed to make decisions but we’re imperfect so we don’t always choose what’s right.

Some of us get the money part right but lack other things, some lack the ability to make a intelligent decision. Too many of us are just indecisive, stubborn, lazy and just plan lost at times. We get held up, sidetracked, hoodwinked and bamboozled; into a life that makes us wonder and regret all choices made in the past present and future, which enables us to make a clear and certain decision.

I’ve gotten away from a lot of things and I’ve withdrew myself from a lot of people but it was necessary for my growth. Certain things slow us down and some people do all they can to hold us back, just remember, people only do to you what you let them and everything that’s good to you isn’t good for you. We have to be of mind that everyone doesn’t have our best interest at heart and some people befriend you for their own personal gain.

However, there are a lot of sincere people out here but we are so guarded that it takes a lot for us to warm up to the idea that the next person is being just as truthful to us as we are with them. Trust and respect are two of the hardest things to gain but the first to go when things go wrong. The things that truly make us happy have no way of being purchased, yet we idolize the rich and laugh at the less fortunate.

We have become a nation of misguided and untamed individuals. We don’t think for ourselves because google thinks for us, we don’t spend time with our children or set standards that they must honor and live by. The road to the future starts with the young because they are the ones who will have to teach and lead the next generation.

We are lost and so far gone that it seems like turning it around is impossible. Life has become a joke, morals have been thrown out and trying to better ourselves is frowned upon or looked at as if we think we are better than others. This cycle can only be broken by us, and in order to break it we must see ourselves as the mistake and correct us. Changing yourself is the only way to change the world, you have to see your error in the cycle and correct it. Once you start fixing you; you’ll find there isn’t much time to worry about others but others will see your corrections and if they are real they in return will start to correct themselves. Thus changing the outcome of this vicious cycle we call life.

“You can’t change history but you can alter the future making the history of the future promising” – B.W


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