Nothing on this earth is perfect but there are things that are perfect for me.
I spent a lot of my life wandering aimlessly because the beauty in imperfections I could not see.
From a love that was lost I’ve been scarred and at times apprehensive, I vowed it wouldn’t happen again so I paid love no attention.
You’ve been on my mind everyday since we met, I knew one day I’d get the chance to reinvent, but until that day I put my heart in detention.
I never felt for anyone the way I feel and felt for you, my love is spiritual and oh so true, I’m glad that its you who turned my gray skies blue.
My first love my only love my darling that’s you, I’ve never searched for anything because what I wanted I knew.
Nothing but God is perfect and I know I’ll never reach perfection, but I offer my heart and soul and my everlasting affection.
What we have is real and I’ll never take it lightly, I give you my word that this love I’ll hold tightly.
In no way shape or form am I perfect and I know it, but together we are perfect for each other and the love we share shows it.
I’ll walk to the ends of earth to prove my love is real, I know it won’t be perfect but it shows how much I feel.
I never tried to get over you because I knew that time would reveal, how much we were meant to be and now our destiny has been fulfilled.



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