All Because Of Me

The best part of life is choice. The power to choose is infinite and the possibilities are endless. Good, bad happy or sad that choice is ours too so my life is all because of me. Some choices I’m not proud of and nothing said now will ever change the facts of those choices but I can admit that I was wrong and “do better”.

The older I get the better my choices are becoming and instead of always trying to be a better person l, I am a better person so now is my chance to be a better man. A man that The Lord can be proud of. I changed my life after learning a lot of lessons the hard way but that’s all because of me also.

“I’m me” that’s all I can ever be but I make sure that I’m being a better me everyday. We might not talk for days or see each other for months but if you know me, I don’t mean any harm. I hibernate winter, summer, spring and fall. I live to improve so I’m trying to get better but sometimes we as people in general selfishly come off to others with no harm intended. I’m sort of a loner but I’m a really fun person to be around so that loner feeling is mainly “all because of me”.

I don’t blame my downfalls on anyone because in the end I let it happen or I said yes to the situation and that’s on me. I don’t have pity parties so don’t expect me to throw them, we all made mistakes and that’s what we do, can’t really help it we’re human. The catch is what comes after the mistake, the misfortune, the pain and the madness. Will you let it consume you or will you find a way out of no way to claim the victory.

No one said life was easy and they didn’t say it would be this hard either, but it’s a roller coaster and parts are very scary but for the most part it’s a thrill seekers dream it’s reality Tv where we’re the director. My life goes in the direction I let it period dot. If I’m bad off that’s my fault, sure obstacles get in the way but challengers find a way to move the object or redirect the path to go around. We have a duty to progress and a obligation to obtain as much wisdom an fortune this crazy world has to offer. We fight for the opportunity to live our life accordingly but we get sidetracked, blocked and sometimes lazy. Then we get stuck in our bad habits and deterred from our dreams. We get trapped on endless roads and the road is leading into a dead end, but we think the road has a turn so we step on the gas hoping for that turn and end up hitting the wall. Yet again that’s a choice we made so we say; that was all because of me.

Anything that happens in our life can be summed up to those words, we can act like its his/her fault but people only do to you what you let them. Blaming others for things only makes us blind to our own short comings and insufficiencies. If you look in the mirror and you can’t see your own flaws then you haven’t learned to be accountable. Taking account for your actions leads to a lesson and only then will the mistake not be repeated and the growth of self continues. Accept the fact that you won’t always be right, entertain the idea of not being the smartest or the fastest or even the best and then realize that it’s not a race but if you’re not learning you’re loosing and at the end of the day; that will be because of you.


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