All Jokes Aside

All jokes aside we the chosen by God to roam this earth have an obligation to live our lives to the fullest. We have a duty to thank him for the miracle of waking up with a choice of showing him how grateful we are for the opportunity. All that being said, what will you do with this day, this opportunity, this flaws and all life that takes us on an imaginary roller coaster that only ends in death?

All joking aside some of us hate going to work but it’s a blessing so when we get there, we should treat it as such. We complain about the days being long, we work vigorously but steady clock watching to get home and do nothing, when we could’ve been getting paid on the clock. On a personal note, if I have something to do I leave accordingly but if not, they are going to have to say; “you can go home” or I’d be there 14 hours a day!! So what will you do with this day, this challenge, this imperfect world that we’ve grown to know and try to understand?

The world has changed, some for the good and some for the worse and to keep it brutally honest, it’s nobodies fault but our own. We are technologically handicap, some too much others not enough. In a world where everything can be googled, we stopped using our brains and started pressing buttons

Without joking at all can you feel growth and prosperity in your life? Are you secure enough in your living to feel like there’s no need for improvement, whether it be finacial or educational? Can you honestly look at everything you did today or better yet your whole life and say you gave it your very best?

I would say probably not!! We’ve all fell victim to humanity, no one is perfect and that’s the only fact true to all man. We are designed to make mistakes and have flaws because outside your finger print, the difference between us is our differences. The ability to be yourself is one of life’s greatest gifts, you don’t have to like me and I don’t have to like you but if we can agree to disagree it forms a mutual respect that only a real individual can accept and adjust too.

Some joke are funny and we can sit back and laugh at them for hours, some jokes hurt and really should be kept within but due to that freedom of speech and free press thing, everyone is subject to hearing a joke that they deem racist or just plain disrespectful. Jokes are meant to brighten a day, ease a pain or lighten a mood but they get taken out of context and misconstrued or parts get added on and left out, often leaving people confused as to whether it was a joke or you were trying to be funny. All joking aside, we need to be mindful of what we say how we say it and who we say it too.


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