My Love

I love you dearly,
I see you clearly,
I’m never weary,
when you are near me.
Scream loudly so you hear me,
my love my life I hold you dearly,
you give me hope so there’s nothing I’m fearing.
I love the way your heartbeat guides me, my love for you has yet to surprise me, loving you always and never denying.
A gentle kiss as I’m replying,
being together is what keeps me surviving, without you I’m lost with feelings of dying. Together we stand so there will be no more crying,
If I said I didn’t care then you know I’d be lying,
so I give my all with the Lords help as he guides me.
To the way to righteousness as I flow through his hand,
bringing you back was his ultimate plan,
he blessed me with you so for us now I stand.
Love is a test that I want to pass with flying colors,
if I can’t love you I’ll never love others, for you’re my best friend and now we’re best lovers.


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