The Process

I haven’t put a lot on paper but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been on my mind,
just because I’m not vocal doesn’t mean that I’m blind.
Some things don’t deserve a response and others require a moment to think,
but when I start to answer your questions be prepared to listen and try not to blink.
I’m required to gain knowledge stat facts to form my opinion,
If I said it I mean it and I’ll start a literary war to defend it.
Judgements are for the Lord so nothing you say can effect who I’m becoming,
He said I was chosen for this and that the outcome would be rewarding.
From my problems I stop running because they all seem to keep the same pace,
So I deal with them one by one that way it’s not the same problems I face.
Time is of the essence so I choose to split mine accordingly,
Stay on my knees praying and thanking good and he keeps on rewarding me.
The process is tedious but the rewards are worth the time,
Stay strong steady your course and remember the lord isn’t blind.


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