The Fall

I slipped and fell yesterday, it was all mental but I knew I was going down
I couldn’t catch myself so I looked to see if anyone was around.
I asked God for healing power just to get me through the day
I wanted him to speak to me so I’d know what to do and say.
I couldn’t hear his voice so I just laid there waiting for a sign
Should’ve seen it coming but I had my head down walking blind.
I’d been on the ground before but always managed to get to my feet
There was something in my head that made me unwilling to accept defeat.
So I’m down here thinking, praying and hoping for the answer
It’s a battle and the evil seems to be spreading like cancer
There are only two choices I have they are to stay down or stand
I want to win this battle so in my head I keep saying I can.
I will stand upright it’s just a matter of time
I will stand and fight no way will you take what’s mine.
I won’t stop trying and you can bet I’ll never quit
I won’t accept defeat and I know I’m going to take a hit.
Life is full of surprises some good and some bad
Get up and dust yourself off because in the end you’ll be glad.


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