Just a little

There is a sadness that’s simmering inside of me, from the people I’ve lost and the who I want to be.

It’s just a little bit annoying the way that things are going, I keep praying to God that he molds my life and keeps me growing.

It’s a little disturbing to see the disregard for life that some people carry, also how justice works depending on your color it might vary.

It’s just a little depressing to see the way some people act, overreacting before you get to the bottom of things and understand the facts.

It’s unbecoming to say “I’m okay with just a little” because you sell yourself short, settling for less or committing crimes saying that it was the last resort.

You’ve given up and given in to what is considered life’s little temptation, standing up and doing the right things is hard but heaven is the compensation.

So why do we settle for just a little when there is so much to gain, why pass up the pleasures of life for a situation you know will always bring you pain.

What do we do when just a little is not enough, do we stay content with that knowledge or should we man up and get tough.

Minuscule minuet mini adds up to obsolete, microscopic miniature and micro leads to defeat.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much it’s crazy, it’s also the little things that will decide if we are weak meek and lazy.

Don’t settle for just a little when your gain can be astronomical, never stop trying to do better or your failures will be insurmountable.


One thought on “Just a little

  1. The question then becomes what are we trying to do? Why are we trying to do that? What are we hoping to achieve and who are we trying to convince?

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