In the future

I started out just thinking about today and how I’d make it, didn’t always think things through if I saw a chance I’d take it.

There is no reward better than the thought of obtaining self worth, something my mother instilled in me since she gave birth.

I opened up my mind and realized that life is what we make ours, I decided to live mine free not locked up behind bars.

In my future things are good and some people will stay the same, in my future I see prosperity and so much knowledge to gain.

in the beginning things wasn’t as important as they are today, so in the future I’ll know the exact moments to be serious and when to play.

I squandered years in fear of not living up to my potential, now I try to fulfill my destiny just by using my fundamentals.

In the future I’ll be smarter making my decisions a little wiser,
I’ll do my best to love you and I’ll never forget to surprise her.

In my future God is my guide and he keeps me walking with pride,
He shelters me from the storm so I never have to hide.

So in my future there is no hate only love, happiness and laughter, if you’re not looking for health wealth and loyalty then what are you after?


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