“don’t judge a book by it’s cover”!!!

Appearance is nothing because it doesn’t let you inside. I could appear to be nonchalant or incompatible or incapable of understanding. I could also be the one to guide you out of the dark and into a world that entertains the idea of different, exciting or great. If you are willing to learn it you can do it or at least understand how it’s done.

Why judge something you’ve never indulged or pass unwarranted judgement on what you deem different. If you think that’s “normal” my question is, to who? I like abnormalities because without them I wouldn’t be unique. Indifferences makes for good conversation and debates, it offers views of a situation that we to often only see from one side. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear but to me it only appears that way when I’m looking pass the eye sight and into your heart.

I’m a good judge of character so I most certainly look inside the book before I decide it’s not good reading material. Every life has a story but we are so quick to judge, that the story never gets heard when it should. We get emotionally attached before we know each others history, we get ignorantly detached because he does things different and she looks weird.

We all are searching for something and most certainly some of us have found exactly what we were looking for be it good or bad. Some of us appear to have it all figured out from the outside looking in and some of us need to just dig a little deeper inside to bring that true you out. Things are not always as they appear and then again somethings are definitely just as they appear but in order to tell the difference you have to know the story.

We tend to think that things are out of our league and simply put not obtainable, but all it takes is a lot of focus, faith and finishing. If you appear to be on the right track don’t stray, steady your course and complete the mission. You’ve only failed when you seize to try. Yes you’ll get sidetracked, deterred, pushed back, step on and passed over. So what!!! That in which doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. Dust yourself off and get back at it!! If you want it go get it and you’ll realize that you can and you will if you do. Your goals in life are like the saying on the mirror, “objects may be closer than they appear”.

It appears bad but we have the potential to make it better. Uncover the who you want to be and closed the door on what we think you should be. You’ll never please everybody and someone is always going to have something to say about the way you do you!! Don’t get caught up trying to keep up with the Jones because someone is going to get the wrong perception and think you’re something your not.


2 thoughts on “Appearance

  1. Sad is the man that can neither face nor fear that which he simply does not know. Shame on the person that can no longer grow. The inside will always be unattainable,if we get fooled by things that are not sustainable

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