What inspires me? I always felt like the more pain I was in the better my writing got. I don’t know whether it was because I had anger in my heart or fear in my soul. I do know that when it’s quiet outside there’s a storm brewing within. It could be that failure inspires me to be great and will never let me settle for nothing short of victory. It could be a premonition that my role in life is to be someone important and to aspire a generation of undecided proportion.

What used to inspire me? It used to be simple not many wants and nearly no needs, I only wanted to be comfortable yet I only was in my dreams. It used to be okay and that was fine by me, letting days turn into years and I was never really free. It used to be just get by and people won’t ask for nothing more, be prepared for what and who are you waiting for? It used to be maybe later or I’ll get to it when I can, go away and don’t bother me oh and her I can’t stand. I used to be motivated by all the negative energy the world has to indulge, that was until one day the lord changed my light bulb.

What inspires me now? EVERYTHING!!! I want it all, I want the good because it lets me know I’m on the right path. I want the bad because God never put an obstacle in my path that was to great to overcome. I like simple and easy but that’s not all life brings, therefore I accept complexity and difficult it makes me stronger. Adversity is a locked door and the key to opening it is faith. I’m inspired by success and as long as I continue to try victory is certain and my failures will only be memories of what it took to get where I’m going.

“with God as my guide and his word as my teacher nothing will deter me from greatness and no one could ever take away what they didn’t give” God is good all the time so praise him in your time despair just as you would in your times of goodness.


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