Too young

When I was young we had fist fights gangs and all the trouble you wanted to get into, but we also had boundaries and respect for most adults. Yes every once in awhile you’ll here of someone getting shot but nothing at all like now.

It’s seems as if everyone has just lost their minds. What happened to the respect for life, when did it become okay to just run wild and why do you feel the need to take someone’s life because yours isn’t going as planned? I certainly do not wish death upon anyone and if your life is as bad as you think, it still doesn’t give you the right to take it out on the innocent and unsuspecting.

I’ll start by saying shows like 16 & pregnant shouldn’t be on, yes they show hardships but it’s still glorified. How about 21 & educated!!! Personally I know certain situation are excluded but there is nothing cute about teenage motherhood. Don’t you want to start your life knowing that when and if you bring a child into the world that you’ll be capable of his/hers well being. How can you as a parent be proud of the fact that grandma or some other randomly selected family raises your child.

Next I’ll shift the blame to lazy parenting, why on earth would you let your child run anything. I was taught that you do what your told!! No questions. There was no back talking in our house and given the severity of the situation you couldn’t even look a certain way or you’d get your head smacked off and although you might not get it smacked off, you knew it was a strong possibility so you didn’t press your luck. Parents today don’t have that affect and it translates into some unruly and flat out disrespectful teenagers. Teach your children to respect themselves and they’ll learn to respect you and everyone else.

Kids no longer fear anything or anyone and that is the creation for this disaster. Also they have no religious upbringing so they truly don’t understand the consequences of their actions. That to falls on the parents because my parents TOLD me what to do and if not they showed me the repercussions to that decision.

So as I get into this blog my question is, why at an early age are you so mad? Do you have any bills to pay? Does the school you attend not pay you enough to live? Is picking out what to wear tomorrow stressing you out? Why are you willing to waste your young life by selfishly destroying the life of others? As a teenager the hardest thing for me to do was listen and learn and that’s because I thought I knew it all, but my mother was the constant reminder that I didn’t!!

Now I know you’ve heard this before but I’ll say it again, any idiot can lay down and make a baby but it takes a real man to raise his child!! I say that to say we need more structured upbringing, two parents with one goal and it’s to raise a child you’d be proud to say is yours. In some cases it’s just not possible but as long as you are giving your all one day your child will see that and understand the choice you made because even though you gave up the relationship, you never gave up on them. real men step up

My point is the more that you put into your child will result in the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve raised a valuable part of our society. If every child knew how important he/she is, then it could translate into a better respect for all life. What I’m asking for is a commitment and that itself should be the motivating factor. It’s not cute for our children to be subjected to this level of violence so early. What is so detrimental at fifteen to make you want to end your life or anyone else’s? How can you walk around carefree and disrespect the home in which you are being raised?

“Give me got grown and got his own” “if you think you’re grown you should get your own address” “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out” and my favorite “oh yeah! you and what army”. All phrases that made you know that you’ve overstepped your boundaries!!

It’s not child abuse it’s called parenting!! We are a reflection of our children and yes we all make mistakes but your child should know “do as I say not as I do”. There is a time and a place for everything and we should learn our role. If you want to leave a everlasting impression on someone, be yourself. Sure there will be people that don’t like you but that doesn’t mean a fight occurs every time you see one another. Silence is deadly and we kill them with kindness!!!


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