It’s one thing to say thank you, but it’s a whole new realm of appreciation when it’s known that you really mean it. Don’t just say thank you because you think it’s appropriate, say it because you really are grateful for the hand that was extended to your cause. Say thank you because it’s a gesture of kindness and that gesture suggests that one has respect for ones self translating into respect for others which in turn will open up possibilities of friendships and opportunities that could last forever.

I thank God for waking me up and to show my appreciation I try hard daily to be the best man for him. I’m strong because of him, I’m motivated because he said the world is mine and I know that it’s going to take hard work from me to get it.

I appreciate my job because it’s not easy and it doesn’t look like it ever will be. Hundreds of thousands out of work some by choice others just victims of a society in which thrives on second chances but gives few the hope that their second chance is coming. I sometimes complain about getting up early but once I’m up and out the door my attitude changes and by the time I hit the clock, I could be tired, sick, hungry or hungover but I’m giving it my all.

I appreciate my mother and the struggles and sacrifices she has made in her life just trying to rub some goodness on someone other than herself. She’s the ultimate hero and the person most people wish they were. I know it was many times in my life that I disappointed her but she never stopped encouraging and trying to understand what it was I was going through. I now try to motto my heart like hers and I appreciate and thank God he put us together.

I am the body and he is the brain, just for the air I breathe I’ll praise his name. If I had nothing I’d know it was part of his plan so I work for him and on my faith I’ll always stand. Showing my appreciation for life is the mission and giving God the glory for giving me understanding and intuition.

I appreciate it all the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the happy and the sad because it builds character strength faith and self worth, so if you ask me the Question what do I appreciate? I’ll gladly tell you my Answer, it’s EVERYTHING!!!


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