The Explorer

In my life I’ve been to many places but in my mind, I’ve been to many more. The world is a sand box and wether it be in my car, on a plane or all in my mind, I’m playing in it every chance I get. With that said I feel obligated at times to take you with me.

Together we lived for moments and the moment was great and I appreciate everyone who stopped what they were doing to join me. One day I just decided to say “let’s go” and a lot of you took the time to come. You’ll never know how seeing all the many views and likes made me feel, so I humbly say thank you.

I’m in my oasis my mind body and soul are conjoined, I’m in this place where the Lord shows me where I’m going. It feels like heaven but it’s right here on earth and my heart is in a good place so this for me is my rebirth. So I want to take you somewhere and if you’re ready it’s time to go, we’ve been a couple of places but it’s time to see mo!!! This is a beautiful place one I could not ignore and I wanted to share it with you so come on let’s explore.


Let’s climb the mountain just to say we reach the top, the view is perfect aren’t you glad we did not stop.

Here at the peak the word to describe the scene is breathtaking, this is a God made creations and there is no mistaking.

No one man can create a moment like this without a pen and paper, a sight like this is one reason that my faith in him doesn’t waiver.

There are clouds in the sky that look like the stairway to heavens door, this path we walk should be righteous so get to know him I implore.

Are you ready for more if so lets explore all that this magnificent place has to offer us, the waves are smooth the breeze is cool but there is peace no one around to fuss.

These are the moments in which I adore, even if it’s all in my mind it’s something I can’t ignore and if it’s real or imagination I just have to explore.

From the bottom of the sea to the top of a tree, there are so many beautiful things here for us to see and with a view like this is there any place you’d rather be.


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