The Journey

Why get mystified or preoccupied by a unforeseen situation.
Life gets hectic so except it now use some imagination.

When you are faced with a different pace you must shift.
Change your direction and perception and try to uplift.

Your soul to control your destiny while fulfilling your life long dream.
Be aware of your surroundings and remember things aren’t always what they seem.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and learn the difference between someone you lust and your true lover.
Everything that’s good to you isn’t good for you so choose wisely and that special someone you’ll discover.

Obtain the confidence to be yourself while maintaining your individuality.
Do the right things and live life to the fullest capacity.

Enjoy what life brings be strong when pain clings and keep your heart in the right place so your word will stand for good things.

The journey has already begun but if you’re not on it here’s your start.
This journey will test your skill strength durability and most of all your heart.

It’s a war and the battle is won within, it’s a fight that will make the enemy a friend and it’s the ability to choose right from wrong and a good deed from a sin.

This journey has consequences and rewards, bad feelings to be absorbed life lessons that can’t be ignored, with things happening so fast you shouldn’t have time to be bored.

We can take on this journey together if we share the same dream, the journey gets easier when you don’t have to watch your own team and surprises are minimal when you know things are exactly as they seem.

Take God on your journey and the voyage will be enlightening, visualize and attack while keeping your life exciting.


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