Still Here

I’ve been here but the mood hasn’t been right, my mind is twisted and tangled in a fight. I’m battling insufficiencies and preparing myself for war, inserting new strategies and incorporating things that I use to ignore. I keep my head up and my feet on solid ground, I put my faith on the line knowing it will be fine so I don’t frown. I’ve been frazzled with friction confused and conflicted, marked for failure cast away and restricted. But nothing stops a failure but a try and every question deserves a reply, even things you know the answer too at time you’ll ask why?

I lost the urge and the feeling wasn’t right, so I took a break because I didn’t like the things I would write. Somethings made no sense and others would leave me mentally stuck, so I kept learning with my heart burning for the Lord to show me how to keep in touch. Everything has a time and a place so I feel that my time is now, I’ve given my life to God and the way to live he shows me how.

Now I’m Invigorated & energize with sleep & exercise, especially extra expecting each and every surprise. Eventually evidence enters ending emancipation, efforts endless execution eminent crushing your expectations.I’ve got Indigestion from ideas insightful & intellectual, I’m immortalized institutionalized individualized & exceptional.

It’s learning to crawl before I walk, it’s learning to listen before I talk. I’m still here but I’m choosing my battles carefully, I’m still here finding out who will really be there for me. I’m still here so if you’re here how’ve you been? I’m still here and I’m not leaving again. It’s not just for the reader because this helps me too, I’m still here but my path is clear and I know what I’m supposed to do.


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