It could happen to anyone!!
No matter what “IT” is, it could happen to you!
I always wondered why bad things happen to good people? What I came up with is definitely self construed and certainly just my opinion. If you follow my blogs you know that I’m highly opinionated and I offer my opinion as just that.

You don’t control when, why or how it will happen. It could be the best thing ever or the worst thing possible but it will and can happen to anyone. It has no face or name, no social status or class, it isn’t picky nor does it exclude. It doesn’t care about times or places, it doesn’t care if you are occupied or in transition. It just happens!!!

When it does happen it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad we have a choice and the decision you make determines your strength, endurance, will and desire. It also tells a good deal about the person you are and the person you’ll be. If you can take the bad just as you take the good, it shows character and it builds personality. I thank God for my bad times because it makes me appreciate the good ones.


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