Hearing Things

I heard a strange noise or maybe it was a voice, I had to get up I felt as though it was my only choice. I rose to my feet knowing no one should be here but me.Threw on some pants grabbed a bat then headed out to see, If someone had broken in or was trying to steal my car, picked up the cell so if they bail it wouldn’t be very far. I didn’t see anyone in my home so now I’m looking out the window, yet I keep hearing this sound every time the wind blow.

It was very disturbing so I had to get to the root of it quick, it’s driving me crazy I can’t sleep and it’s making me sick. So I go outside just to ease my mind and spirit, but now that I’m out here the noise I can no longer hear it. I felt I had peace so I went back into the house, all of a sudden it’s silent like a mouse.

I drank some water and took a bathroom break hoping to go right back to sleep, it was all good and quite I mean you couldn’t hear a peep. Just as I got comfortable and closed my eyes, here came that noise and it was a little louder to my surprise. I didn’t flinch simply rolled over instead, now I’m feeling like somebody’s playing with my head.

Determined to not let it get the best of me I started counting sheep, but the noise kept getting louder and it wouldn’t let me sleep. So I sat up in my bed and waited for it to happen again, but it wasn’t coming from outside it was coming from within.

The voice was my dreams and they said they wanted out, they told me I was ready to share and if I have to shout. Because certain messages should be heard at any cost, the young growing to fast and grown ups seem to be lost.

We are struggling as a whole and it’s not even selective, but for some being spiteful and vindictive is your life’s objective. Stop getting caught up in the glamour of the moment, make decisions like it was your day of atonement.

The noise was me and it was overflowing like water, emotionally bottled up is like a brain cell slaughter. I can’t hide my feelings anymore so it’s coming from everywhere, if I hurt you by telling the truth then I really don’t care. It’s time to step it up and stand on your own, how else am I to decipher whose a child and who’s grown.

One things for certain the voice keeps on calling, its tell me to go to work right now and no more stalling. We have gone to far as individuals making it hard for the whole, how much longer will it take before we all fall down in the hole. I can’t carry us forever and neither can you, it has to be a group effort if we’re going to make it through. If we do it together eventually it will get better, but you can’t keep constantly changing like the weather.

Once I acknowledged the noise was a voice it would not stop, now I’ve got a million thoughts running threw me around the clock. I am glad I start listening it’s making me be a factor, because for my dream I stand up look up and get up to go after. I don’t know about tomorrow so I’m thankful for what today brings and I always listen for myself because I know I’m not hearing things.


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