I awoke this morning and the first thing on my mind was “thank you lord”. A new day is a new beginning, the things I couldn’t take care of yesterday still awaits but I’m different because today I can change things. I can make a difference or I could create a problem, I can shovel myself a path to greatness or I could dig myself in a big hole but it’s my choice and I choose the right path.

I hold myself accountable for failures, flaws and a bad call.
It’s me I hold for misjudging friends, family and all.

I don’t blame anyone but myself for my position.
In the end I had something to do with the decision.

I am, I do,I will and I can is my demand
I did, I could, I should and I shall always stand.

My worth, my skill, my strength and my fight.
My work, my will, my wrench and my might.

That’s my account for my role in my life.
I’m accountable for all short comings, struggles and strife.

Wrong or right I established long ago that’s on me.
I chose the role it’s embroidered in my soul and who I’ll be.

The man to stare adversity in the face and beat it.
There is no challenge in my life that’ll remain undefeated.

To all that wish or hope that I fall, I’m still praying for y’all.
You’re one of the reasons I choose to walk tall.

Blessed is the man who’s got his own and shares his gift.
Spends time to reach out even for a spiritual uplift.

Pleased to be what people want and need in a friend.
A way of life for all and definitely what I recommend.


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