I’m done trying to figure it out and maybe it’s not for me to comprehend.
For those who stick it out through thick and thin I commend.

When the lord blesses a union it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
If you follow your heart and not your head you’ll find someone to your liking.

Marriage is an agreement in which you should not enter unwillingly.
Why would I say I do when I know that you’re not feeling me.

Married just to say I was or any reason but it’s love.
Doomed to fail from the start and the reason is all of the above.

Marriage is a sanctuary and a safe haven for life.
For a taste of heaven on earth I’ll make her my wife.

Yes I want that for myself but not at my on expense.
Our life split down the middle is how it all makes sense.

I want to marry the one carrying my missing rib.
The one who is sharing and always is willing to give.

I don’t want forever, I want forever and a day.
I don’t want you to leave, even though I know you can’t stay.

I want to communicate even when you disagree.
I want to be everything that you need me to be.

That is a marriage a commitment and a task.
It’s also how you can build a love no questions asked.

No I’m not talking about a little while or somewhere down the line.
I’m talking about the one who makes you smile when you’re not feeling fine.

The one I imagine is thinking of me right at this moment.
She loves me it’s on her face and she’s shown it.

Our souls will connect and we’ll become one with each other.
We could be submerged in our own existence and won’t feel smothered.

I’d be able to spot you blind folded just by your smell.
Or maybe from your hairstyle because I’ll pay attention to detail.

I’ll stay committed to our purpose and our cause.
Even when they don’t cheer you will hear my applause.

Committed to us and striving for our dream is who I’ll be.
I got your back and I’m in your corner so no need to check and see.


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