My 365th Day

Wow, another year in my life is about to pass and although the road to get here has been interesting, I thank God for each day. The say I’m different and not from this planet, some people say I’m a modern day poet and others think I’m just “too damn serious”, but to those who know me understand that I’m just Brian.

I say “life has taught me a lesson so I learned to count my blessings. I didn’t feel like I had a near death experience, but I did. They said my heart stopped and it freaked me out!! I thought to myself, outside of a few bad colds I’ve never been really sick. I also realized that this was my first recollection of not being able to go home. That was when I knew that something was going to change”.

Today as I look back on that day I feel that it was my weakest hour and it was only by his grace and mercy that I came thru. “if you can’t distinguish the difference between right and wrong, go with your first mind”. If you hear a voice in your head telling you what to do and you know it isn’t your voice, it might be Gods. That is quite an assumption but who else could it be. Now I’ll admit this voice is 99.9% accurate when going with it on first notice but when you don’t adhere to it the first time, the road might be still there but you’ll encounter obstacles that will slow you down or deter your progress.

It’s so many days in a year and I’m thinking, what’s in a day? I’ve been on earth for approximately 12,410 days, looking at that number it doesn’t seem like much time as far as life goes, but I’m thankful for each day. Some people count years, others count months and some count days. I count seconds because they’re precious, I count minutes because they’re moments and I count hours because they’re history.

I’ve been apart of some really special moments and I’ve seen a lot of things both good and bad. I’ve witnessed death both violent and peaceful, I’ve been glad that God chose to take the pain away and I have mourned for those who I felt should’ve stayed. However I don’t question his decision, I surrender to his word and hold true to my heart that he hasn’t brought me this far for nothing. I see death and say “it could’ve been me”, we don’t know if we’ll be here tomorrow so be encouraged to give your all today. So on my 365th day, I don’t go all out because I go hard everyday.

I never made to much of a fuss about my 365th day and I don’t plan on starting, however I do appreciate the happy birthday shout outs and the people that come around just to see if this year will be different. Don’t buy me anything and no thanks I don’t want to be treated, what I want is to be loved and appreciated the other 364 days and not just on the 365th.


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