Take Care Of You

For the most part I take care of myself, I don’t require much maintenance and the things I desire, I’m trying to acquire on my own. A great lady told me a very long time ago that “you won’t truly appreciate things until you have to get them for yourself”. I love her and she could’ve never been more right, you don’t value a dollar until you’ve worked for that dollar and realize that you have to turn that dollar into two and its still not enough.

If you are doing everything possible to sustain life on your own it’s to be commended. It’s hard out here and just getting by is a chore now a days but nothing beats a failure but a try. The first thing is, I don’t want to be held accountable for is my lack of effort. You’ll never be able to look me in my eyes and say “you gave up” because I’ll never stop until my eyes close.

If I see you doing the best you can, I’ll help in anyway possible but you must want it for yourself as much as I want it for you. Why take down everyone around you because you know you can? Why take advantage of a situation when you could be contributing to the cause? Why should I take my time or hard earned money to take care of something that doesn’t concern me? Why?

If I ask you for something it’s because I need it, otherwise I don’t ask and the reason for it is this, when you lean on someone to hard eventually they’ll need something or someone to hold them up. No one is immune and at some point we will all have to GROW UP, OWN UP and SHOW UP.

(G)reater (R)esponsiblities (O)bligations (W)ants & (N)eeds, that’s grown. understanding that sacrifices made today will impact tomorrow. If you put your needs in front of your wants you’ll find out that, as long as you have what you need the wants are obtainable.

“Prioritize or it could be your demise”. Help everyone live prosperous by helping yourself. Don’t ask me to do for you what you wouldn’t do for me. Who takes care of you shouldn’t be a question but if it is and the answer isn’t you, then you might want to find out why?


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