Wrong Way

Wrapped up in worry or swallowed in defeat,
it all starts with lies failed tries and deceit.

Wallowing in self pity or enshrined in ignorance,
the main reason why we can’t resolve our difference.

Withering away in worldly goods and rotten to the core,
We need for nothing but we keep asking for more.

Eroding from one track thinking or screeching to a halt,
I guess no ones to blame so let’s just say it’s my fault.

Backtracking because your late and always making the same mistake,
Don’t wonder why you still can’t catch a break.

Acting scared to take a chance or stalling on purpose,
Fear from within will eventually leak thru the surface.

Lack of dominance and the inability to commit,
Close mouth won’t get fed something you don’t forget.

Staggering to level off and swinging from a thin rope,
If your life is empty you should at least fill it up with hope.

Smothered in inefficiencies or Imploding from bad choices,
wondering why you never took time to listen to the voices.

Hiding behind a shield or letting your heart get lost,
At some point you have to avoid the drama at all cost.

Infatuated with laziness you’ve taken a loss,
Your going the wrong way this is your life take control and become boss.


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