Heaven On Earth

It starts with a smile upon opening your eyes in the morning, It shows you how blessed you are to see another day and it never seems to matter where you are it’s right there. It doesn’t waiver in the face of adversity and it motivates you daily to be the best you can and you do them for that feeling of a little heaven on earth.

It isn’t perfect and you know that and it doesn’t even matter. You see it’s flaws as a beauty mark or an “imperfect perfection” (as I like to call it). It could do nothing to change the way you look at it and only Gods disappointment in you would be worse. It holds you #1 and even though it could be a competition it’s not and just that little taste of victory seems like heaven on earth.

It is secure in its intentions and it makes you choose the right way because you won’t allow anything to go wrong. It shows patience and tries to avoid conflict at any cost but it won’t hold back so you’ll know the feeling going forward. It’s your dream and even though it’s not how your dream went, you know how you want it to end. It doesn’t judge you or question your ability and it saw something in you even when you didn’t see it in yourself. That’s a rare quality in life but it feels so good that it must be heaven sent.

It doesn’t cross the line or break the rules.
It doesn’t lag behind and it will not exclude.

It’s a smell, it’s a taste, it’s a touch and a feeling.
It’s a sound, it’s a face and it’s medicine is healing.

It is your souls destiny and your hearts desire.
It is the very thing that you thought you’d acquire.

It’s more than a gift and I would say its Angelic.
It’s what you’ve always prayed for and You’ll never forget it.

It has a name I call it my Heavenly Angel.
It was sent by the lord to get my life untangled.

This is the closet I’ll get to heaven without dying.
To keep this piece of heaven on earth, I am trying.


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