You should say thanks one hundred times a day.
The first one for the man who woke you and sent you on your way.

I say please and thank you just because it’s a respect factor.
I say please and thank you for everything done for me before and after.

I say thank you sir and thank you ma’am no matter who I’m talking to.
Because if we’re having a conversation one of these pertains to you.

Thank you is an act of respect just like the word please.
For some saying it feels like you want them to get down on their knees.

Please pass the jelly or thanks for holding the door.
It’s not hard really and you won’t pass out on the floor.

I show respect so I expect the same in return.
A lack thereof and stable bridges could get burned.

We learn thank you and please at an early age.
And loose most of it all at the teenage stage.

Enraged at the world because your feeling yourself.
Better straighten up fast if you don’t won’t the past to hinder your wealth.

So please be kind and thank you for your time.
Please have faith be safe and open up your mind.


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