My Turn

I did things they’re way and it didn’t work for me.
Now it’s my turn so let’s just wait and see.

It’ll be interesting but I have to run my own race.
Not letting anyone slow me down or stop my pace.

To stand up and face myself was my greatest test.
It brought me out of a shell can’t you tell I’m at my best.

I stick out my chest in admiration as I embark on my journey.
I’m doing me its my turn and it’s what I’ve been yearning.

Learning new things and new ways to handle my own.
Attitude in transition because I’m grown trying to watch my tone.

It’s my turn and I’m ready for whatever’s coming.
The lord is my Shepard and I shalt not run from nothing.

With my cup running over he is my four leaf clover.
I am the clay and God is the molder as I talk to him he puts his hand on my shoulder.

It’s my turn and I’m here standing up center stage.
The lights are on it won’t be long before it all starts to fade.

I don’t flip the page until I’m done reading the book.
It’s my turn and I am not concerned about them bringing out the hook.


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