You feel me

They knocked me off my pivot but I’m still standing.
You wasn’t listening now your attention is what I’m demanding.

Nothing gets done without understanding so you have to know the facts.
Get literate and read more then some questions you’ll never ask.

I do a lot of writing but are you feeling what I write?
Am I pointing you in a direction or giving good insight?

The question that I’m asking is do you really feel me?
Am I making statements of truth or do you need proof to see?

I’m not trying to be just another face on earth, I was told I’m unique, one of a kind and special since birth.

I’m a knowledge seeker, a truth speaker and I’m a student of life so that also makes me a teacher.

A preacher of facts this isn’t a act won’t fade to black so please relax, intact and exact is every fact, a contact I’ve got your back and that is what I’ll be.


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