The Stand

I’m approaching that fork in the road, it’s creeping up fast and I’m on a steady pace acting as if I’m not going to slow down. I’ve got the best GPS system money can’t buy and he’s made me look myself in the mirror, then and only then could I see the man I wanted to be. I had to fix me because a broken man can not stand.

Upon this reconstruction a lot has changed and I now know my flaws in life just as well as my strong points. I feel with the knowledge I’ve acquired thru living and opening up books, articles and my mind has given me the ability to see both sides of the story. I’m human and being that I am, it makes me imperfect but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking steps toward perfection and on that motto I stand.

I stand for a better life without a lot of sacrifice.
I stand on my own advice and I follow it won’t think twice.

I stand for a better tomorrow with no pain and sorrow.
I stand here a man getting my own trying not to borrow.

I stand for something that no one could take away.
I stand for everything that you have positive to say.

I stand on me as to not lean on you.
I stand for any man that does that too.

I stand up so you won’t ever carry my burden.
I stand up so you don’t ever have to feel uncertain.

I was raised to be a man so on that I stand.
I’ll never stop striving to be the best because I know that I can.


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