Music III

Pearl Jam will have you feeling so Alive and there’s so many different versions of that song I Will Survive.

No Doubt, and the chick that sings isn’t it Ironic, to the album Dr. Dre made back in the day it was called The Chronic.

Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, The Game, Fabulous and Ludacris.
Outkast, Run DMC, Ice Cube, Too Short, they are not new to this.

From Nelly to Snoop all the way to the group Troop, there are songs that make you want to tear off the roof.

Prince, Michael Jackson even Morris Day & The Time, Dj innovator, The Bridge is over was a few things that shined.

I’m a music fanatic and I cruise every station there is, I’ve even made songs but never tried to break in the biz.

From the Lynch Mob to the Crime Mob, Goodie Mob and Mob Deep, each had a song that made you jump out your seat.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song Summer Rain, or the first time I heard Jump Around by house of pain.

From Who’s the black sheep to they want efx, Back then Busta rhymes had you woah!! all in check.

Next sang Butta Love, Ozzie ate a dove, music has a way of making you feel all the above.

Emotions run high the sound makes you think you can fly, but the reason I love music is because it makes the time go bye.


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