Keep It Real

“In the beginning God created man”
Today that phrase doesn’t really mean anything. Now women are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. I will give you this, a lot, not the majority but a lot of men failed to grow up. Some lost to the streets, others just determined to do whatever they want and to whom so ever they choose, some highly uneducated and the rest misguided.

Women are hiding behind makeup and settling for less than they’re worth, then when someone comes along that could be right, you treat them wrong. To get the real thing shouldn’t you have to give it? Meanwhile the guy you laughed at for doing his homework and shrugged off when he just wanted acknowledgement, should have been the one you wanted. Understand this, life comes around and it goes around. So we fast forward from what used to be and start at what is.

You’re grown now and the boy you wanted then is the boy you have now, but the honeymoon is over, there’s bills to be paid and mouths to fed. You want that man who was in them books because you understand that he had a plan. You can’t have him now and the feeling is, you let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by. It didn’t, you pass on it!!!

We are given options and the path you thought was clear will become foggy and only then will the true test of life begin. While you’re thinking right now, she’s thinking about the future and it consist of getting educated and gaining access to a world of cultural differences. He is designing his tomorrow by obtains knowledge no school has ever taught, finding new ways to entertain himself so he doesn’t get mixed up in the nonsense of today. We look at them and say “you should live a little” and them knowing what has to be done says “I’ll have all the fun I want when the work is done”.

A woman’s place is not always at home, just like every man can’t and won’t be the bread winner all the time. The problem is, “we don’t know our role”! If you don’t get anything out of this just remember, you’ll get just what you give out of life. People only change if they want too, you have no choice or decision in changing someone. We change when we are ready point blank period….

My personal opinion if you want real, keep it real, take off your disguise. Open up and let us see you for who you really are. Stop expecting greatness when you settled for good. Don’t make excuses make adjustments!!


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