Never Stop

I’m thinking about forever but I should be worried about right now. I could give up or say whatever but I really don’t know how. If you lay down without putting it all on the line. It’ll leave you tasteless so face this or it will haunt your mind. It’s not in my design to give up on any challenge. I will retreat with a partial defeat but only to regain my balance.

Without malice or ill will my intent is to rebuild but everyone is guarded and keeps up they’re shield. As I begin to peel back they layers people try to hide their hand, that’s why I’m a student of people and even stupidity at times I understand.

Not to be condoned so don’t get me wrong it’s just knowing is half the battle. If you don’t learn you could get turned or be up the creek without a paddle. I’m telling you to saddle up on this journey you’ll need more than just luck, it takes a lot of courage just to keep in touch.

If you give up don’t ask why it’s because you failed to try, struck by bad luck or not attempting cause your shy. You must comply with the rules it’ll make you better and that one thing is for certain, no more lurking or being uncertain life gets easier when you’re working.

Towards a goal we move closer as we ride life’s roller coaster, trying to be a role model so my life is a poster. Slow cooking like a roaster so I’m never half baked, knowing my limits so some chances I don’t take. It’s fate and destiny that brings me here, in life it’s only God I fear, but he leads me in directions that aren’t always clear. Never do I ask why, I just thank him as my reply, then I put my best foot forward and give it a try.


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