Love Potion

When you love you give devotion, hearts full like the ocean, becoming one entity I call it the rarest love potion.

To set it in motion you’ll need two of a kind, ingredients for the potion suggest a get money state of mind.

Find some honesty, loyalty, longevity and it’ll be hard but have no doubt,yes  these are some rare qualities but you’ll need them for the potion to work out.

Next you’ll need commitment, conversation and conviction, this potion calls for specific things so please be careful on your mission.

People are confusing you’ll be loosing if you keep that one track thinking, there is no fooling if you’re choosing the right way without blinking.

Seeking forever would be my pleasure, a simple love that I could treasure, someone who loves me without any measure.

This potion can be made, with the right ingredients it will never fade and it’s effects are real so the act will not be staged.

I recommend this potion to everyone, it’s a feeling you won’t want to overcome and if you want a love that last this potion you’ll need to get you some.

One thought on “Love Potion

  1. This is beautiful! often times we as individuals have a phenomenal way of giving advice to others. Most importantly, applying these tactics to our lives will lead to commited, successful relationships

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