Being myself

I use to be one track minded, thinking only of myself so I was blinded, a better man am I no need to be reminded, no one will love you more than me if so then go find it and Life is real so no you can not rewind it.

Take the time to get the most out of life’s possibilities, it’s one of many responsibilities, indulge yourself with knowledge and opportunities, being versatile to me is having diplomatic immunity Because no one can take what they didn’t give and that’s indubitably.

There is nothing you can do to me to stop me from my goal, I’m on a one way mission and God controls my soul, which keeps me from sinking or falling in a hole, letting my actions do the talking and it makes me whole.

Not cut from the same mold I’m different than any man, I never say I can’t because I know that I can, morally challenged so on my faith and word I stand. First I think then I plan, life gets easy when you understand, like riding a bike look ma no hands.

The demand for knowledge is overwhelming we are sinking when we should be sailing, it’s not always your child because some parents are failing, please grab hold of your life to keep it from derailing.

My argument is compelling with a strong back bone to match, if you don’t fix the leak you’ll need more than just a patch and I set wheels in motion so I don’t wait for things to hatch.

As a matter of fact I challenge myself to be great, I challenge my heart not to hate, I challenge myself to get it straight, the challenge is to not be late and I challenge myself to choose my own fate.

The challenge is to be prepared, show your strength and don’t be scared, the challenge is to be myself and not be compared.

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